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Wiseco piston ring set

Wiseco piston ring set

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Have FM-Wiseco pistons and rebuilding your engine? Here ya go. These are the same high-quality rings (made in Japan) that were included initially. Identical for all of our FM-Wiseco pistons except for bore, be sure you're getting the right size. The sizes below are our standard sizes, but always measure to be sure of what's in your engine: 

  • 1.6, 9:1: 79.0mm
  • 1.6, 11:1: 80.0mm
  • 1.8, 9:1: 84.0mm
  • 1.8, 11:1, 85.0mm
  • FM stroker, 2.0, 9:1: 84.5mm

Don't forget the ring installer! This is all of the rings for ONE piston, be sure to buy enough rings for all of your pistons.