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Flyin Miata Stage 1 turbo system for NB chassis

Flyin Miata Stage 1 turbo system for NB chassis

Exclusive to Flyin' Miata!

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Note on availability: We are still manufacturing and delivering these kits but are struggling to keep up with demand. When they come in to stock, they sell out very quickly. We recommend you use the "Notify when available" button so you know when we have stock and be ready to act.

Emissions legal everywhere in the US! CARB EO D-601-3. The only truly CARB emissions legal turbo setup available for the 1.8!

Flyin' Miata turbo systems have been the standard for years. They offer easy installation of safe and clean power with proven durability. Our Stage 1 turbo system - once known as the Voodoo II - is ideal for someone looking for an easy installation, good horsepower, no emissions hassles and lots of upgrade potential (for dedicated track / not-street-legal cars). Expect approximately 185-200 hp at the rear wheels, compared to a stock 110-115 hp.

The manifolds have just been redesigned after some CFD (computational fluid dynamics) testing. They now offer 24% greater flow than our previous design and are also more than 2.5 lbs lighter. Combined with the new outlet, the manifold / turbo / outlet assembly is nearly 4 lbs lighter! They have staggered runner diameters to ensure consistent timing of the exhaust pulses into the turbine. This means faster spool and the potential for higher power. Now Cerakoted! The manifold and outlet are both Cerakoted in C-7900 Glacier Titanium. It's rated for 1,800°F (980°C), so it's perfect for our application. We've been running this coating on our cars for over a year, and it's held up great through track days and daily driving. The new parts are a direct replacement for the old. Do you want even more info on our new manifolds and outlet? You're in luck! Check out our Knowledge Base article on them here.

This is limited by the size of the stock injectors. The intercooler means that you will keep all of your horsepower no matter how hard you run your car. It's powder-coated for durability and good looks, but with a special thermal property that allows it to shed heat as well as bare aluminum. The FM logo on the intercooler can face forward (visible) or rearward (invisible).

All of our turbo kits use the same basic hardware for super easy upgrade-ability. Every part has been designed taking performance, durability and installation ease into consideration. We don't believe there is a better (or more complete) turbo system available. With our kits, you won't be making extra trips to the hardware store for nuts and bolts; every part you need is included.

However, you won't necessarily feel the need to upgrade. The Stage 1 ekes as much power as possible out of the stock injectors without resorting to mechanical tricks such as high fuel pressure. Tuning is kept to a minimum and there's no need to install high-pressure fuel pumps or bother with fuel lines at all. The car simply makes smooth, effortless power without a fuss.

Fuel management is handled by our own Voodoo Box, which uses the stock injectors to deliver more fuel. Because it only modifies the signal under boost, the car acts completely stock at idle and cruise. There is no tuning required.

The turbo is a GT2560R, which is a great match to the Miata engine at this boost level. It makes just as much boost down low as a smaller unit, but without choking off the top end.

Along with this turbo system, you will need a new clutch. Cars that see track use or are in hot climates will also require a radiator upgrade.

If your car has ABS, you will need the Aluminum Washer Bottle Relocation kit. For 1999-00 cars with California emissions (two catalytic converters), this kit will remove the first cat and the EO will not be valid.

While this system is compatible with the stock ECU and transmission on an automatic NB, the downpipe will need modification to clear the automatic bellhousing. We've heard everything from "it just needed a small dent" to "I had to build a new downpipe", so be prepared. You will also have to use one of our midpipes (the stock one won't work). You could also need a vacuum accumulator and there might be some idle issues - in short, while it can be made to work, prepare for a bit of a headache if you're installing this on an automatic car. 

This kit is designed to work specifically with non-Mazdaspeed (MSM) NBs. While it will work fine on MSM engines installed in non-MSM NBs, the included parts - specifically the oil drain and supply - aren't the simplest solutions possible. If you have a complete MSM, this is NOT the kit for you and will NOT function correctly

Water supply note: if you are using an FM coolant reroute, choose the reroute option. 

Tools note: A 37/64 drill bit and 3/8" NPT tap are required for installing the oil drain and two M8x1.25 nuts are used as "tools" to install the turbo studs. If you do not already have these tools available to use, we have a separate tool kit available to purchase, Bag 2A, listed above.

Remember, all FM products come with full Lifetime Support to the original purchaser!

Be sure to check out the installation video series, linked under instructions. Note, it's fairly in-depth so make sure you have your popcorn and comfy chair handy.


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What does it fit?

Fits: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005


50 state legal!
CARB EO: D-601-3


1 year



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ryan G.
Classic FM Quality

Amazing kit! You not only receive a start to finish turbo kit with all the odds and ends, but you also get the classic FM customer service. The instructions, YouTube install series, and their phone support at all top notch. It was a first time turbo install for me and while it took me some time (30-40ish hrs), I felt confident going through the steps. As other have mentioned, you need to buy the oil pan drill/tap & boost gauge separately. This kit does not require a single trip to the store (unless you need tools). Overall 10/10, highly recommend this kit to anyone looking for a comprehensive, off the shelf kit.

A couple things not noted in the documentation but might be helpful to know:
1. Retarding the timing via the timing wheel sacrifices low end response to provide full range engine safety. The price you have to pay for keeping OEM ECU. '99-00 owners, if you have access to 93 octane and your environment allows, you can likely safely retard 4 degrees instead of 6 to help with idle droop and low end lags (thank you FM support for the recommendation).
2. The wiring under the dash was very difficult due to the location and limited space. I was able to source an ecu harness extender to allow for splicing and connecting outside the car first. It also saves your original ECU harness from going under the knife. Thank me later!
3. You may need to clock your turbo in order to get the wastegate arm to align properly.

Awesome kit

Awesome comprehensive kit with full instructions. Some level of mechanical competency and DIY required, but overall easy. I rate it easier than a timing belt water pump or clutch job. Perfect for first time turbo build with no experience. FM provides exceptional support, troubleshooting, and advice. The car is way more fun to drive.

Install tip, pay attention to clearance here:
1) turbo housing to frame slot
2) down pipe to underbracing
3) waste gate bracket slot (to position waste gate arm in neutral position and avoid ejecting the e-clip)

Stephen W.
You get what you pay for... And with this kit, that's a lot!

Yes, there are cheaper kits out there. But I just took my kit for its first drive and the many hours of work and (sometimes) struggle were worth it.

The written instructions are good but the YouTube videos are top notch! If there's one thing I learned from the videos it's that I don't need to "go crazy" when tightening the many nuts and bolts. :)

Seriously though, the car is now much more fun at only 6 psi. And given the fact that I have only moderate mechanical skills at best and no experience with this kind of thing, the fact that the car bit only started but didn't explode/catch fire the first time I drove it with the turbo speaks volumes to the quality of instructions and online support

Christian R.
Transformed my 2000 NB

I finally got my hands on this kit and finished up the install last week. As you would expect from Flyin Miata, everything is very high quality and very well thought out. I would consider myself to be fairly mechanically inclined and had very little trouble with the install. The Youtube install series lays everything out in amazing detail, making it easy for anyone to install as long as you have some patience and the right tools. The only thing to be aware of is that the boost gauge and drill bit/tap for the oil drain line are no longer included as part of the kit. This isn't really clearly stated anywhere but is worth noting. Now, the car makes 8 PSI of boost effortlessly and the voodoo box keeps the AFRs right where they should be. The car is really quick and makes all kinds of fun turbo noises!

Hands-down best bang-for-buck power adder in the business

I had a slightly earlier iteration of this kit on my 99. I couldn't believe how it transformed the car. Amazing torque, minimal lag and, most amazingly, absolutely zero difference to driveability. Cold starts, idle, traffic - this thing was closer to OEM manners than I would ever have imagined. Basically stock until you step on it.

Also, the level of engineering quality, instruction and support at FM is unparalleled for this kit. The instructions couldn't be clearer, and if that wasn't enough, they did a 10 or 11 hour youtube instructional series that makes it a complete no-brainer. If you have any mechanical sympathy at all, don't be scared to get this kit and try the install yourself.