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Paco Motorsports seat bolsters for NA/NB Miatas

Paco Motorsports seat bolsters for NA/NB Miatas

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As Miatas age, the foam in their seats softens up. This can mean a drop in lateral support on the base as the outer bolster gets all floppy and pounded flat. Paco Motorsports has come through with a clever solution.

These bolster supports install in a few minutes using existing bolt holes. It adds some steel support to the bolster, giving it the strength it needs to hold you in place.

Sold in pairs (one for each seat), fits all factory NA and NB seats.

These bolster supports now come in a black powder coat finish. The uncoated bolster supports seen in the video below are a previous version.


Customer Reviews

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Isaac W.
Love em but don't be misled

If you own an NB or at least I'm sure, an NB2. Be aware that you cannot install the other on the inboard side of the drivers seat due to the seatbelt bracket attached to the seat. If you left the two horizontal bolts out it fits just fine.(Also, you can make it fit with lots of force. Would not recommend this as the only way it would fit is by crossthreading the bolts in lol) However I'm 6' 185lbs if you're any larger than a 34" waist forget having both anyway. Due to seats being safety equipment I'm not going to leave half of the bolts securing the safety belt out for ride comfort. I'll take the L and use the other on the passenger side as designed. FM please update your video on this product to ensure people are aware of this. The current vid states that the inboard is EASIER on an NB. Which isn't the case at all.

All that being said. Even without the second bolster attached this thing is awesome. The inboard bolster tends to hold up better to aging than the outboard anyway. Combine these with a proper Foamectomy and you have yourself and aftermarket seat holding you in place for those sharp corners for a fraction of the price. Highly recommend!! Thanks FM!!

Mr. E.
New Life to Factory Seats

Factory seats eventually go flat at the outside drivers cushion. These bolsters provide the lift needed to bring new life to them and help keep you from sliding at the apex. They also look pretty cool if you want to keep a factory seat look--people ask about them often when I open the door. I got one kit and did both outsides with it. I thought I would try that first then get another if needed. In my case, the inside really doesn't need it since the transmission tunnel clearance is already tight against the seat and my passenger appreciates it when I turn the other way.

One thing I recommend is an improvement of the rubber strip that is supposed to protect your seat cushion--or change the section at the edges. Mine kept falling off--so I ended up smoothing the edges by grinding a radius on them.

A sad letdown

I really wanted to like these. They're a great, 5-star idea, but... There aren't any installation instructions. It's pretty clear what goes where, but some guidance would've been nice. The biggest problem is that these bolsters are cut from such thick stock that they don't allow the two side bolts on the seatbelt latch (NB2) to properly thread into the seat pan once the inner seat track is bolted to the pan. I tried threading those two latch bolts first, but then I couldn't get the two bolts to reach the pan through the holes in the bolster and seat track. Felt it was better to have all four bolts installed as Mazda designed, so I only installed the bolster on the outside of the seat. I also hoped the bolster would have some flex to it, but it has no give at all. That'll help on right-hand turns, but my left hamstring will be the final judge of this project.


brilliant ..... absolutely brilliant ..... being reassured by the first reviewer that they would fit on both sides of oneseat, I did just that - my Australian arse/ass [bum/butt] fits nice and firm - add a CG-Lock and no knees needed around corners/bends

Worth the money!

Just took my first drive after installing the seat bolsters. BTW, they CAN be installed on both sides of a seat! I'm 6', 170lbs. These are NOT for big people. That said, they fit me just fine & provide a Good upgrade to the OEM bolsters.