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Alignment bolt kit with eccentric lock

Alignment bolt kit with eccentric lock

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This is a kit that includes a new alignment bolt and nut (both Mazda parts) along with the Paco Motorsports eccentric lock.

If you've ever run your Miata on the track, you know that those alignment cams can slip. If you're lucky, it just ruins a session. You can change out the bolts on a regular basis and crank the torque way up on the nuts - but there's always that risk.

Until now! Paco Motorsports has come up with a simple solution to lock in your alignment perfectly. These locks replace the offset washer on an alignment bolt and prevent it from moving. They key into the same ridges used by the stock washer. The center section can be placed in any one of 16 positions.

Includes a new factory bolt and nut. The factory washer (that these parts replace) are extremely helpful during the alignment, but as this is not a wear item we don't include it with this kit. 

To use, align your car as normal. Then swap out the stock washer for the lock and retorque. Be aware that these parts do complicate your alignment and your alignment tech might call you (or us) names - it's worth it if you drive your car hard enough to have slipping eccentrics, though. 

Sold individually. You can use as many as eight on a car, although not all cams are as prone to slipping. Fits all NA and NB Miatas. If you have tubular V8Roadsters control arms, these can also be used on the problematic outer cam on the front lowers.



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Customer Reviews

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Josh B.
Must have miata item

Must have if you drive your miata as it should. Before these I would need to re align my car after every auto X and drift event. Now I can set and forget.

Double nightmare

Took 3 hours to try to correctly install lock on right rear wheel, and my 92 Miata was on Paco alignment stands.We we’re unable to successfully get these Paco eccentric locks on the other side and totally gave up after numerous tech calls.I ended up buying another complete other set of bolts and cams from FM to solve the issue.So far out of tons of FM parts this is the only one that we could not get on the car successfully after hours and hours wasted. :( of u buy these locks… good luck. PS I do not track my car so I should of just bought the updated OEM bolt/cam kit in the 1 st place.

Note from FM: It's true, these do complicate the alignment, and if you're not using your car in a way that makes the eccentrics slip, it's not worth the headache. However, if you do have slipping eccentrics, these are worth the headache. We've never had a situation where they wouldn't fit, although they do limit the resolution of your alignment.

Works like they should

The trick is to get a patient, good tech to align and install. My guy is great; he took his time and got my requested alignment numbers almost dead on (I asked for front negative camber of 2.60, he was able to give me 2.62). It took him a little more than twice the time, but I figure it amortizes out since I usually need about 2-3 alignments a year after 4-5 track days and daily driving on some very crappy streets. So far the alignment has held up, even after driving on some really bad streets and roads. Will be tracking the car soon and suspect I can run over curbing without and harm to the alignment now.

dont Buy.

Kit doesn’t come with the stock washers which in my opinion is pretty lame. Instructions say to align car with the oem washer yet they don’t give you one.... if you want to go through the headache of finding the oem h shaped washers go ahead and buy this. Or spend 80$+ on a full set of bolts and washers on top of this kit.

Note from FM: The majority of Miatas have stock washers from the factory, which is why they're not included.

Black a.b.I.C.
Too frustrating to align with

The locking washer did not work well at all for my 1995 Miata. It made it extremely difficult to align car due to how hard it was to get locks to fit. I purchased OE replacements and alignment was a breeze. Not worth the expense or frustration.