Flyin' Miata Summer Camp

June 13-16, 2024
Palisade, Colorado

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Summer Camp track day

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The venue:
Grand Junction Motor Speedway is a kart track that we have been using for Miatas for nearly 20 years. It's a good mix of corners that rewards good driving and handling over sheer power.

Approximately 20 minutes from our shop.

Arrive 7:30 AM (Tech inspections)
8:15 Mandatory Driver's Meeting
8:55 First Group Out
4:00 pm approximate finish

Event description:
We will be running a time trial. Drivers will be grouped by lap time and sent out with a gap between each car. This allows everyone to get clean runs. We will take each driver's fastest lap for scoring. A session consists of a warm-up lap, three timed laps and a cooldown. Each driver will get at least six sessions.

Safety equipment:
Due to the nature of the track and event, roll bars are not required. Drivers and passengers need to wear a helmet, and helmets are available for rent at the track. Snell SA, M and K helmets with a 2010 or later certification are acceptable. 

We do recommend you have a tow point on your vehicle somewhere - even the factory tie-downs are fine - in case you need to get towed off the track. This is particularly important if your Miata is prone to mechanical problems. We strongly recommend you bring a car that's as healthy as possible.

Can I bring my (insert not-a-Miata here)?
This event is open to Miatas and their direct relations only. Modern Fiat 124s are welcome, as are weird Miata mutants like Exocets. If you're not sure, please ask.

What do I need to do to prep my car?
Make sure your car is mechanically healthy with no leaks or loose parts. Make sure the wheel bearings are tight and the battery is well secured. There should be no loose items in the cockpit or the trunk. We recommend fresh brake fluid. Roll protection is not required for this event.

What are the classes?
There are no classes. Run what you brung!

Can I share a car?
You can certainly share a car with another driver in another group. We will put you in groups with a bit of separation so you have time to switch. It's possible that one of the drivers may end up in a slower group than ideal due to this separation. Pay attention to the temperature gauge, this can get a little hard on the cooling system if we get a hot day.

Can two drivers share a car in the same run group?
Sorry, no.

Can I watch?
Of course! Spectators are free to enter, but they will have to sign a waiver. You can see the entire track from the bleachers.

Are there noise limits?
No. Bring it.

Is it safe for my car?
While no motorsports event is 100% safe for vehicles, this is a low risk event. There are no walls to hit and the lack of passing means nothing unexpected is likely to happen. The most common problem is running hot, and it's also possible to overheat street brake pads.

Will there be instruction?
Flyin' Miata staff and some experienced locals will be on hand to run the event. They may be able to jump in and give you some pointers if they have some time available, but we do not have a dedicated instructor team in place.

Will there be ridealong opportunities?
You're welcome to ride along with anyone - but you probably should ask first. We are prioritizing track time for our customers so we are not scheduling time for FM cars. If there are open slots available, we may bring out a couple of cars but no promises!