Featured car: Whoosh (1990 turbo)


1990 turbo

Whoosh is the original Flyin' Miata. Bill Cardell purchased the car in 1989, put a turbo on it about 1800 miles later and, well, more than three decades later here we are.

Over the years, Whoosh has had a wide variety of parts installed but the one constant is a turbocharged 1.6 engine. These days, Whoosh has retired from development duty as Bill has retired from the business. It is quite likely the spec sheet is not completely accurate at this point.

Spec sheet


  • built 1.6 engine
  • Carrillo rods
  • FM Wiseco pistons
  • upgraded valve springs
  • ATI damper
  • FM FM II turbo system
  • Hydra Nemesis ECU
  • FM big fuel kit
  • FM catch can
  • FM oil filter relocation kit
  • FM shock tower brace (early version)
  • FM Stage 1 airflow kit
  • FM crossflow radiator
  • aluminum overflow tank
  • FM Level 1 Happy Meal clutch/flywheel combo
  • Torsen differential
  • FM catalytic converter
  • FM turbo exhaust


  • FM Koni suspension
  • FM sway bars with FM end links
  • FM butterfly brace and frame rails
  • FM Level 2 Big Brake Kit with adjustable proportioning
  • 949 15x8 6UL wheels 


  • NB dashboard and door card swap
  • MOMO Champion steering wheel
  • MSM seats
  • FM gauge faces


  • Racing Beat body kit
  • FM carbon extraction hood
  • Brainstorm turn signal intakes