Featured car: Targa Miata (1994 V8)

The Targa Miata

1994 V8 track/rally car

The Targa Miata is our extreme testbed for NA/NB parts and has been a rolling science experiment for more than 15 years. To see the full evolution, check out targamiata.com.

Originally built in Keith's home garage as a rally car with an emphasis on light weight and powered by a high compression stroker engine, it competed in the 2008 Targa Newfoundand and was rewarded with a class win. It was repowered with a 5.3l V8 engine for the 2011 Targa and came close to winning the Open Division outright, coming home third after an ignition relay failed mid-stage. It got an even bigger engine in 2013. 

Since then, it's been a track car for testing suspension, brake, aero and electronic components. The car weighs 2400 lbs wet, has over 466 hp at the wheels and more than 400 ft-lb of torque from 3000 to 6000 rpm. Amazingly, it's also still street driven. 

If a part can survive the Targa Miata, we are confident it can survive anything.

Spec sheet


  • 6.2l LS376/525 crate motor
  • Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed transmission
  • FM exhaust system
  • Getrag rear differential
  • GM Performance Parts engine management


  • FM Fox Racing shocks with 750/500 spring rates
  • FM V8 front sway bar, FM rear sway bar as needed for setup
  • FM Big Mama Jama brake kit
  • 3" brake ducts
  • driver-adjustable brake proportioning valve
  • skid plates everywhere
  • 15x9 Kogeki wheels with 245 Maxxis tires (this varies a lot)


  • stripped NA6 dashboard with custom upholstery
  • Corbeau FX1 Pro seats
  • custom "analog race dash"
  • Coralba rally computer
  • Peltor rally intercom
  • Camelbak "unbottles" for crew hydration on long days
  • hidden Bluetooth sound system


  • Car Of Tomorrow rear wing on custom mounts (sometimes active)
  • GV-style front lip with 3" splitter for track use
  • carbon SPA mirrors
  • flat undertray
  • Singular hood vents
  • stripped trunk lid for minimum weight
  • hand-painted Martini Racing livery
  • factory hardtop with polycarbonate rear window
  • LED headlights

Strap in, let's go for a ride on a stage!