Featured car: Stitch (2019 RF)


2019 RF

Stitch started life as Jones, an FM development car. It was quite likely the first ND2 delivered in North America. It was used for benchmarking and investigation of the new model including dyno and track testing.

After a few years, we didn't have need for an ND2-specific testbed in the FM fleet so we sold Jones to Travis, with an arrangement that allowed FM continued access to the car if needed. Travis renamed the car Stitch and proceeded to put his own stamp on it. Since Travis is also our photographer, Stitch gets some great pictures.

Spec sheet


  • stock 2.0 ND2 engine
  • FM Hush-O-Matic exhaust and FM midpipe
  • FM exhaust system
  • Verus Air Oil Separator
  • Verus sound tube delete
  • Mele mount with Antigravity ATX-20RS lightweight battery


  • FM Koni suspension with FM springs
  • FM sway bars with FM end links
  • FM Little Big Brake Kit
  • 17x9 Tobu Forged Wheels with 235/40 Toyo tires
  • FM lug nuts


  • 3D all-weather mats
  • Moddiction Anvil shift knob
  • MX5 Things Roof, window and accessory controller
  • MX5 Things LED trunk Light
  • Cipherauto steering wheel


  • FM LED smoked corner lights
  • FM LED smoked fender lights
  • Carbon Miata Spyder grill
  • Carbon Miata carbon fiber front splitter, side skirts and rear spoiler
  • Cravenspeed stubby antenna
  • FM hydraulic hood lifts
  • MX5 Things Flashing rear brake light
  • MX5 Things LED trunk strip light
  • Mega Chips Splash Guards