Featured car: OMG Miata (1995 turbo)

OMG Miata

1995 turbo and everything else

It's hard to keep up with the pace of evolution of the OMG Miata. Originally built as a feature car for Toyo for the SEMA show, it was fully restored and then modified with an astounding level of attention to detail. Everything is extreme and you cannot fault the execution even if the style isn't your thing.

We cannot give a full spec sheet of the car at this time, we recommend you check out the OMG Miata Instagram feed or YouTube channel for the latest updates. We can tell you about some of the FM parts on the car, though.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/omgmiata/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/omgmiata

FM parts on the car


  • Stage 1 turbo system (originally!)
  • FM Stage 2 airflow kit
  • Polyurethane exhaust hangars
  • FM big flex fuel kit
  • ATI crankshaft damper
  • Trackspeed fuel pump rewire kit


  • Paco Motorsports Strong Arms
  • Flyin' Miata frame rails and butterfly brace
  • Billet sway bar brackets
  • Flyin' Miata NA/NB Stage 2 four piston rear brake upgrade
  • ARP extended wheel studs
  • Cannon rear subframe brace
  • Speed Bleeders
  • Paco Motorsports eccentric locks
  • Superpro steering rack bushings


  • Flyin' Miata pedal kit


  • Flyin' Miata NA/NB dual hood lift kit