Featured car: Kami (1995 V8)


1995 California legal LS3 Miata

Kami is a 1995 Miata that started life as a red automatic. Our friend Zandr sent it to us for a transformation and this was the result: 400+ California legal horsepower in a chassis that is happy doing cross-country blasts, commuting or track days at tracks like Laguna Seca. Zandr has a clear vision of what he wants for the car, and it's become a very cohesive Miata as a result. Kami has a whole fan club of smitten automotive journalists.

You may have noticed there are pictures of Kami all over our website. That's because it's one of our all-time favorite NA Miatas.

Spec sheet


  • LS3 EROD crate engine
  • T56 Magnum 6-speed transmission
  • Getrag rear end
  • FM exhaust system
  • FM cooling kit


  • FM Fox Racing suspension with custom spring rates
  • FM front sway bar with FM end links
  • FM Big Mama Jama brake Kit
  • 15x9 wheels (different styles, 6UL shown) with 245/40-15 tires


  • Lotus Exige seats
  • MOMO Mod.08 steering wheel
  • Team Voodoo Magnum shift knob
  • Revlimiter door pulls and window switches
  • FM pedal set
  • Beatrush top latches
  • custom Revlimiter gauge faces
  • glass cockpit center tablet display
  • Hard Dog Hard Core roll bar


  • Mazda Innocent Blue Mica paint with Crystal White stripes
  • GV-style front lip and R package rear skirt
  • Talbot style mirrors
  • Switchback LED DRLs
  • Dapper OE7 LED headlights
  • LED rings built into the taillights
  • FM tow hook