Featured car: Indy (2016 V8)


2016 LS3 beast

Indy was our first ND development car - it came over on the first shipment and we picked it up from the docks to get our hands on the new platform as soon as possible. By the time we'd had it a week, it had undergone several days of track testing, a 1000 mile road trip and we had prototype suspension and brake parts designed and installed. 

But Indy is mostly known for being our V8 ND test bed. It was the first LS3-powered ND in the world and served as the prototype for the others that were built. It's been in Hot Rod, Automobile Magazine, Road & Track (several times), Car and Driver, Motor Magazine, Top Gear Magazine and numerous others. It's also been featured on The Smoking Tire and was tested as part of NBC Sport's "Proving Grounds" where it went through the course faster than anything else that had been tested to that point. It invariably impresses not for sheer acceleration - everyone expects that - but for the civility, polish and composure demonstrated by the car. We don't build V8s anymore, but this car has been invaluable for testing our ND chassis parts in ways that a four cylinder car can only dream of.

With a full leather GT interior and fully functional convenience features, Indy happens to be an excellent road trip car that can rip off an 18.7 second 0-150 time on demand.

Spec sheet


  • LS376/525 crate engine, rated at 525 hp
  • Tremec T56 Magnum 6-speed transmission
  • AAM differential
  • FM active exhaust system
  • FM undercar bracing and subframe reinforcements
  • FM cooling


  • FM Fox Racing suspension
  • FM sway bars with FM end links
  • FM Big Mama Jama brake Kit
  • Verus brake ducts
  • 17x9 Kogeki wheels with 225/40-17 tires OR Tobu 17x9 wheels OR 949Racing 17x9 6UL wheels


  • Hard Dog roll bar


  • FM LED smoked corner lights
  • FM LED smoked fender lights
  • rear diffuser
  • FM hydraulic hood lifts

There are so many videos of this car. 

You can see more on our press page.