Featured car: Hobbes (2019 30AE)


2019 30th Anniversary Edition (30AE) RF

Imagine you're Bill Cardell. You started Flyin' Miata and built it into the world's best Miata performance shop. You've still got Whoosh, the Miata that started you down this road. What would be your choice for your new personal Miata?

The 30th Anniversary RF, of course. Bill already knew how good the ND2 engine was from our experience with Stitch. And like so many of us, he craved a bit of color in the ND palette. So when the 30AE was announced, it was an easy decision.

The car isn't heavily modified - not by our standards, anyhow. It's set up to be just a bit better than stock, with a little more composure in the chassis and a little more purr from the exhaust. It's not a track car or one built for maximum performance. It's just a fun sports car, put together by someone who's been working on these cars for more than three decades.

Spec sheet


  • stock 2.0 ND2 engine
  • FM Hush-O-Matic exhaust and FM midpipe
  • FM exhaust system
  • CAN Hush-O-Matic integration
  • Verus sound tube delete
  • Verus catch can


  • FM Koni suspension
  • FM sway bars with FM end links


  • stock


  • stock

Keith and Bill check out the car for the first time.