Featured car: Captain Bob (1995 turbo)

Captain Bob

1995 turbo

Captain Bob is our answer to the question "what would it be like if Mazda had built a Mazdaspeed in 1995?". It runs our emissions legal Stage 1 turbo system that gives about 80% more power than stock and a suspension that is designed to give excellent control without beating you up. We also had some fun with the interior, making it feel special while still making it feel like a Miata.

Spec sheet


  • stock 1.8 engine
  • FM Stage 1 turbo system
  • FM stage 2 airflow kit
  • FM exhaust system
  • FM crossflow radiator
  • FM level 1 Happy Meal clutch/flywheel combo
  • aluminum overflow tank


  • FM Koni Stage 2.5 suspension
  • FM sway bars with FM end links
  • FM extended travel upper mounts 
  • FM Little Big Brake Kit
  • FM butterfly brace and frame rails
  • a variety of wheels, mostly 15x8 or 15x7 with 205 tires.


  • carpet from a 2003 LS in Parchment
  • 2003 LS seats with suede inserts and custom-shaped foam
  • suede crash pad and door pads
  • custom elbow pad on the center console
  • custom Revlimiter gauge faces modeled after Stack gauges
  • Stack auxiliary gauges
  • NVX bluetooth receiver with hidden amplifier
  • MOMO Prototipo steering wheel
  • custom Revlimiter horn button
  • Team Voodoo Magnum shift knob
  • Replacement gauge cluster cover
  • Hard Dog Sport Fat Boy roll bar


  • 3M "Cosmic Blue" wrap
  • R-package front lip and rear skirt
  • FM LED white corner lights
  • full LED light conversion
  • FM tow hook
  • NB "parchment" top with glass window
  • FM hydraulic hood lifts