Featured car: Ace (2015 supercharged)


2015 Club PRHT supercharged

We purchased Ace to use an emissions test bed. It was the car that we ran through the CARB tests to get approval for our NC supercharger - unfortunately no longer available. The rest of the car is basically stock with just our Stage 2 suspension kit.

It's not the fastest car we've ever built, and it's not the showiest. It's just a really good, capable sports car that you can drive every day. We sold it off to our friend Clark a few years back in order to make room for some other cars in our fleet, and he's been enjoying it ever since.

Spec sheet


  • stock 2.0 NC engine
  • FM CARB-legal supercharger
  • FM midpipe
  • FM exhaust system
  • FM Level 1 clutch
  • Aluminum coolant expansion tank


  • FM Koni suspension
  • FM sway bars


  • Stock


  • Stock