Welcome to the newest Flyin' Miata!

Welcome to the newest Flyin' Miata!

Welcome to our newest version of the Flyin' Miata site, with better security, faster response and better search than ever before.

We've been around long enough that our first website was "click here and we'll mail you a catalog". There have been a few generations of FM site since then! This new one has not only put a new face on the store, but comes with a huge increase in horsepower in our back end systems which will allow us to better bring products to you.

One of the coolest new features is the fact that all of your order history has been collected, even if you weren't registered. If you already had an account, just click here and set a password. If you didn't, just create a new account and your past order history (using the same email address) will be imported.

As always, this is a pretty significant change. There are a few features and systems still coming online, and our customer service team is having to learn a new way of doing things. Some of the products in the catalog are still being added, so all your favorites will be back - we promise!

Thanks for your patience as we bolt everything back on.

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