"The Hottest Wheels" Limited Edition Shirt!

"The Hottest Wheels" Limited Edition Shirt!

It's T-Shirt Tuesday!

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Some people can get all serious about Miatas. But really, they're just big toys and their owners are big kids. And part of playing with toys is having an active imagination. Wouldn't it be fun if you could jump your Miata off the back of a brontosaurus? Sure!

That's all the explanation you're going to get of this month's shirt. It's fun. If you don't get it, ask a kid. And because of kids, this one's available in XS.

The art is hand drawn by our own Travis Ingram. The shirt is a 100% cotton Next Level in royal blue. There is no art on the back.

This shirt is available to order until January 17, then we'll close the books and produce the shirts. They'll ship out in early February. We will never make this same shirt again.

Free shipping inside the US. $7.50 flat rate to Canada, $15 per shipment outside Canada or the US. These will ship by USPS (no matter what) and will ship separately from the rest of your order.

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