NEW! Randall Cowl Intakes for NA/NB Miatas (FM Live 11-30-23)

NEW! Randall Cowl Intakes for NA/NB Miatas (FM Live 11-30-23)

Now join 4K! This week on FM Live, Brandon Fitch gives you a deeper dive into our redesigned Randall cold air intake!
Randall Cowl Intake for NA Miatas 
Randall Cowl Intake for NB Miatas 

Introducing the Randall Intake by Flying Miata: A Revolution in Cold Air Intake Systems

The quest for enhanced engine performance often leads enthusiasts to explore various aftermarket upgrades. Among these, cold air intakes stand out as a popular choice. However, amidst the multitude of options flooding the market, distinguishing between genuine cold air intakes and mere noise-producing filters on sticks can be challenging.

In the most recent FM Live video, Brandon shed light on the nuances of cold air intakes, unveiling our latest innovation: the evolution of our Randall Intake. This groundbreaking intake system promises not just noise and aesthetics but tangible performance gains.

Understanding the Dynamics of Cold Air Intakes

Brandon, the host of the live session, delved into the common misconception surrounding cold air intakes. Many available options often end up drawing air from within the hot engine bay, generating noise and a perceived power increase but actually hampering engine performance.

The Randall Intake, however, redefines the game. Unlike conventional setups, the Randall Intake strategically positions itself outside the engine bay, drawing in colder, high-pressure air from the base of the car's windshield. This fundamental shift ensures a genuine cold air intake, optimizing air density and thereby performance.

The Technical Innovation Behind the Randall Intake

Central to the Randall Intake's efficacy is its design. Crafted with a silicone duct, durable and flexible, and featuring a 3D printed firewall plate for installation ease, this system offers an impressive five horsepower boost, a notable 5% increase on a hundred horsepower vehicle.

Moreover, the Randall Intake ensures its effectiveness by preventing the ingress of larger debris like leaves, featuring a grid pattern to safeguard against such potential hazards.

Addressing Queries and Concerns

Throughout the session, Brandon fielded a multitude of queries, addressing concerns about tune requirements (none necessary), compatibility with turbo kits (not currently), and even the impact of rainfall on the intake (negligible).

Legal Compliance and Future Prospects

Crucially, Brandon highlighted the Randall Intake's CARB EO sticker, ensuring its legality across all 50 states, laying to rest any doubts about its compliance.

Final Thoughts

Flying Miata's redesigned Randall Intake emerges as a genuine game-changer in the world of cold air intakes. By prioritizing functionality over mere aesthetics and noise, this innovation sets a new standard, offering enthusiasts a reliable, legal, and performance-enhancing solution.

As Brandon signed off, promising swift deliveries of the Randall Intake, it's evident that this breakthrough product represents not just an upgrade but a testament to Flying Miata's commitment to driving performance excellence.
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