Mike's Top 5 Winter Miata Projects (FM Live)

Mike's Top 5 Winter Miata Projects (FM Live)

Winter is coming, and believe it or not, not everyone drives their Miata all year long. Need something to do while your Miata is hibernating for the cold months? This week on FM Live, Mike gives us his "Top 5" projects to tackle on your Miata while it's parked for the winter.


ONE: All that maintenance you've been putting off

TWO: Timing/Waterpump & other big projects We have tools to help! 
We also have a wide variety of Timing Belts and rebuild kits!

THREE: Bushings We offer both performance rubber & poly - Check out our SuperPro bushings! 

FOUR: Roll-bars Here's an installation video to help! 

FIVE: Insulation DEI Insulation & Sound Damping Kits available! 

BONUS! For those guys who drive their Miata all year, here are some tips to winterize your car.

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