MIATA SOCKS! To benefit the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association

MIATA SOCKS! To benefit the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association

Do you need Miata socks? Well, you need socks. And boring socks are boring - it's right there in the name. So since you need socks, you might as well have Miata socks.

But these aren't any ordinary socks. March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day, and this is personal to our extended Flyin' Miata family. Socks are also kinda their thing. So all profits from the sock sales are going directly to the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association*.

These non-ordinary socks have a cute little Miata woven in - this isn't a print so it's comfortable and will last as long as the sock. There's a Miata on each ankle, just high enough that you can have a stealth Miata on each foot if you're being all formal.

Technical sock facts:

These will be ProMax PXC "Pro Feet" knit crew (mid-calf length) athletic socks made of 71% Polypropylene, 8% Spandex, 8% Sta-Cool®, 7% Nylon, 6% Endurall®.
Endurall® reduces the friction that causes blisters and provides superior durability. Sta-Cool® offers a fresher, softer and noticeably cooler feel. It transports moisture away from from the body for quicker drying and comfortable feet. Arch support helps to keep the socks in its place during vigorous activity. Ankle support zone is mild targeted compression that circles the entire ankle and Achilles to provide stability during long activity. Ventilation channels through the top of the foot allow air to bypass the fabric and help the skin stay dry and comfortable. Cushioned sole lessens the impact in strike point areas of the foot.

So, they're good socks. They have a cute Miata. They're supporting an excellent cause. What's not to like?

NOTE: production of these is going to take approximately 4 weeks, so we expect to start shipping them out in the middle of April. They will be shipped by USPS. This is a one-time production run, so once they're gone they're gone!
These socks will only be available from Flyin' Miata. We know there are some sites pretending to sell knockoffs of our designs, we do not recommend taking the chance.
This is an independent fundraising effort from Flyin' Miata. Flyin' Miata and our fundraising efforts are not directly associated with Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association in any way.

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