GRRR! Grab our May Limited Edition shirt before it's gone!

GRRR! Grab our May Limited Edition shirt before it's gone!

Miatas may be small, but they're fierce on the autocross course. They're like a little dog with a big dog attitude, they'll take on anything. Grrrr!

Featuring brand new art by Travis Ingram, this shirt celebrates the little dog nature of the Miata. It's a Next Level 6010 tri-blend - one of our favorites for a nice soft feel. There's a Flyin' Miata logo on the back and the Grrrr art on the front. 

This shirt is available to order until May 16, then we'll close the books and produce the shirts. They'll ship out in early June. We will never make this same shirt again.

Free shipping inside the US. $7.50 flat rate to Canada, $15 per shipment outside Canada or the US. These will ship by USPS (no matter what) and will ship separately from the rest of your order.

Note: Flyin' Miata shirts are only available from Flyin' Miata directly. We have become aware of some sites selling knockoffs, these designs are stolen and you will get a lower quality product - if you get one at all. The graphics on this listing are watermarked to minimize the likelihood of theft, the diagonal "Flyin' Miata" and the copyright text will not appear on the shirt. 


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