Don't lose your wheel! Upgraded Hubs for Miatas (FM Live 12-21-23)

Don't lose your wheel! Upgraded Hubs for Miatas (FM Live 12-21-23)

Do you need upgraded hubs? It’s a common question, especially for cars that see auto-x or track time. What are the symptoms of a failing hub? Why not just replace with oem? What options are out there for upgrades? This week on FM Live, Brandon gives us the low down on upgraded hubs for Miata’s!


Mazda Motorsports Front Hub for NA/NB  

Blueprinted Front Hubsfor NA/NB  

RX8 Front Hubs for NC  

What to Know About Miata Hubs

If you're a die-hard Miata enthusiast or just keen on keeping your wheels in check, the hub talk is crucial. In a recent Flynn Miata video, Brandon delved deep into the world of Miata hubs, covering everything from replacement signs to upgrade options, offering a treasure trove of insights for all four generations straight from Mazda Motorsports.

Why Replace Your Hubs? First things first, the signs your hubs might be calling for retirement. Watch out for rumbling noises, especially during acceleration or turns, a wobbly steering feel, vibrations in the wheel, or any unexpected 'rocking' play at the top and bottom of your wheels. These indicators could signal hub issues, though they might also point to other concerns.

When to Act? If your wheel parts ways with your car, courtesy of a hub failure, it's time to address the hub situation—probably should've seen that one coming. Proactivity's key too. Increased track days, pushing your ride harder, or even an upgrade in rubber might necessitate sturdier hubs to handle the load.

Upgrade Options Unveiled The golden rule here: the harder you push your Miata, the more urgent an upgrade becomes. For street use, the oem stock hub might suffice, but if you're eyeing track days with stickier tires, an upgrade's in order. Enter the blueprinted hubs—a solid step up, ensuring a better shot at hub longevity.

Leveling Up Evaluating your driving style is key. If you're setting lap records and hugging corners aggressively, the beastly NA/NB Mazda Motorsports hubs could be your saviors. These heavy-duty, chrome alloy monsters are designed to withstand the toughest of challenges, with beefier flanges and MSI studs to boot.

The Indispensable Rear Hub Don't overlook the rear—the underappreciated yet equally essential counterpart. Fortunately, for NC Miatas, Mazda Motorsports offers a winning solution, keeping your rear flanges thick and sturdy. No axles, no mixing and matching—a hassle-free upgrade.

Generational Differences While most generations have hub solutions available, the ND folks are slightly out of luck. However, for others, there are varied needs and vulnerabilities. The NA's and NB's are more prone to failure with lighter loads, while the NCs can handle larger tires but face increased wear.

Installation Caution Installing upgraded studs? Precision is paramount. Any misalignment or forceful installation could cause future issues with your hub. Tread carefully and avoid any shortcuts in this department.

FAQs Demystified Questions on hub swaps, symptoms of failing hubs, aftermarket replacements—Brandon had answers to it all. For street cars, high-quality aftermarket hubs might do the trick, but details matter more than just the brand name.

So, there you have it—a comprehensive hub guide straight from the Miata gurus at Flynn Miata. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a track-day superstar, keeping an eye on those hubs might just save your drive.
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