An Active Exhaust for your Miata! (FM Live)

An Active Exhaust for your Miata! (FM Live)

The problem with exhaust systems is that they're either loud or quiet. And sometimes you want one and not the other. Why not the best of both? Join Keith Tanner this week, as he shows off our Hush-o-matic Active Exhaust and CAN controller for ND Miatas!


Hush-o-matic ND Exhaust from FM 


Full Installation video


More sounds and clips


What is an active exhaust? At idle and light throttle, the exhaust stream is routed through an effective muffler that keeps the sound levels low. Very comfortable and neighbourhood-friendly. - But when you dip deeper into the throttle pedal, a butterfly opens to allow the exhaust to route through a different, less muffled, path in the muffler. When you want it loud, it's loud. Never obnoxiously so (we're never bypassing the muffler entirely), but sporty.


We also have a CAN integration package that allows you to change the behavior of the exhaust on the fly by simply twisting a dial inside the car. You can change from always loud to always quiet or set the percentage of throttle needed to open the valve with a twist of your fingers!


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