Shipping to Canada

When shipping to Canada, we recommend using FedEx International Connect Plus.

It's more expensive up-front than FedEx Ground, but it includes brokerage fees, aka Clearance Entry Fees. These costs are based on the value of the package and can be over 25% of the value - see the chart below. To help you further, we offer International Connect Plus at a 60% discount compared to published FedEx rates. You will be shown the discounted rate when you check out.

You will still be responsible for any taxes such as GST/PST/HST. Depending on the country of origin of the parts, there may be some duties as well. These will be all collected by FedEx.

Nobody likes paying taxes and duties and fees. We're doing what we can to make cross-border shopping easy for our Canadian customers.

Clearance Entry Fees for FedEx Ground
(These are waived for International Connect Plus)

 Value for Duty (CAD$)

Fee (CAD$)




















$82 plus $7.50 for each additional $1,000