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"The best car I've driven" - Road&Track and
Welcome to Flyin' Miata! We specialize in making Miatas accelerate faster, corner harder and stop shorter.
In other words, we make Miatas fly!

Want 5% off your next Flyin' Miata order?
We're going to be giving Customer Appreciation cards to anyone who shows up for the world record at MRLS with a Flyin' Miata windshield banner. These cards will be good for 5% your next order in addition to any other show specials.
Don't have a banner? We'll send you one!
Free FM windshield banner

More press
Between the Million Mile Miata and's visit to our Summer Camp, there's a lot of good reading out there for Miata fans. Settle in and enjoy! at Summer Camp
Million Mile Miata at Road & Track

Track times are up.
Want to know who was the quickest at the FM Summer Camp track days? The times are up! Photos will follow.
2014 Summer Camp track times

So, what's under the hood of the Million Mile Miata?
There's a project at Road & Track Magazine to rack up a million miles on a Miata. The car - almost exactly one third of the way there - stopped by our shop and we did our best to make sure it'll get there. Check out the writeup!
Read all about it on

We're in the points!
Big news! Thanks to our "buy a turbo, get a goat" program, Flyin' Miata (as Team Turbodog) is one of the top ten donors to Heifer International. Number seven, to be precise.

As you may know, we donate a goat via Heifer International with every sale worth $5000 or more. This includes turbo and supercharger kits. To date, Miata owners have helped us donate more than 227 goats to needy families. That's $27,333 at current count. Our original goal? $10,000.

We'd like to thank our customers for making this possible.

Road & Track drives our V8 Miata
R&T drove one of our V8 cars for the May 2013 issue. Check out the article online!
Road & Track

More Flyin' Miata news...

Awesome parts, awesome customer service
Just wanted to drop you guys a quick line and let you know how impressed I was with your FM vmaxx suspension kit that I just installed on a customers 04 MSM. (read the rest)
Customer feedback from Joe Riley

The latest shop update
Keith's so excited about his "new" car he even waxed it. No, it's not going to get an engine swap.
More updates
Latest build diary update
The Exocet
The day after the Summer Camp, the new bodywork showed up.
More build diary updates
Featured Product
FM airflow kit
One of the spinoffs of our cooling testing, the airflow kit mates a carefully designed fan shroud with some high torque fans for maximum flow through stacked heat exchangers. Make your Miata happy in the heat! Recently improved with higher-flow fans and more clearance.
Product announcements
NC Little Big Brake Kits
Put Wilwood calipers on all four corners of your 2006-14 Miata without breaking the bank! This exclusive FM setup saves weight and feels fantastic.
FM gauge faces
We designed these gauge faces for pure function. They are as legible as possible under all conditions. They even have a layout designed to work with an aftermarket steering wheel where the top of the gauges is usually obscured. Available for both NA and NB Miatas.
Son of Super Blue!
ATE Super Blue brake fluid was recently pulled off the market due to being blue. Luckily, you can still get the same quality fluid in amber, called Typ 200. In stock now!
FM master cylinder brace
Eliminate firewall flex and improve your braking feel with this simple bolt-on brace.
More new products

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