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"The best car I've driven" - Road&Track and
Welcome to Flyin' Miata! We specialize in making Miatas accelerate faster, corner harder and stop shorter.
In other words, we make Miatas fly!

5000 lb QuickJack now available.
Due to demand, we've added the 5000 lb capacity QuickJack to our catalog. Now you can lift just about anything.
BL-5000 QuickJack

Track legal roll bar for the NC now available
Looking for a roll bar that's 7" taller than the factory hoops in your NC? The Transformer bar is now available exclusively from Flyin' Miata.
Hard Dog Transformer

Introducing the QuickJack - with special FM pricing. EXTENDED!
Looking for the convenience of a lift at home? Or a good way to work on your car at the track? Check out the QuickJack, a portable lift that will get your car high enough for suspension or brake work and even a transmission or differential swap.
As a celebration of the Rolex 24 in Daytona, we've arranged for a "race special" price that's $215 off - exclusive for Flyin' Miata!
Update: the special pricing has been extended until February 14th.

V-Maxx in stock!
If you're looking for an affordable quality coilover, we have the full V-Maxx range in stock now. Proven on the track and the street!
FM suspension components
FM suspension packages

15x9 6UL wheels are available for pre-order now
Looking for a 12.3 lb 15x9? We are now taking orders for the Gen 4 6UL in 15x9 from 949Racing. All colors are currently available. 15x8s are in stock and shipping now.
FM wheels

Road & Track drives our V8 Miata
R&T drove one of our V8 cars for the May 2013 issue. Check out the article online!
Road & Track

More Flyin' Miata news...

Doing business with FM
Thanks for the diplomatic non denominational non dis-respectful response. Its very businesslike and professional of you. (read the rest)
Customer feedback from Rich Martin

The latest shop update
That's a supercharged 2.5 ready to go into a 2013 Miata. We can't wait to drive it.
More updates
Latest build diary update
The car isn't just alive, it's also self-propelled.
More build diary updates
Featured Product
FM suspension packages
FM suspension kits include a selection of matched components for the best ride and handling for your Miata. Skip the guesswork and get parts designed to work together! Available for every Miata and MX-5
Product announcements
Hard Dog Transformer roll bar for the 2006-15
A true dual purpose bar, this converts from a street height bar to one that is a full 7" taller than the stock hoops and has strong rear braces. Let your NC play on the track!
QuickJack portable lift
Perfect for a Miata, this lift lets you easily get your car up in the air. Great for transmission swaps, tire changes, suspension work, oil changes - you name it. And there's special pricing in place until the end of January!
Adjustable upper control arms
Fabricated upper control arms for full control over camber! Easy to adjust consistently and no loss of suspension travel.
949Racing 6UL wheels
We offer both 15x8 and 15x9 6UL wheels. Strong, light and handsome.
More new products

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