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The Flyin' Miata flannel - preorder

The Flyin' Miata flannel - preorder

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The ordering period for this product has closed. It is no longer available to order.

Don't you wish your Miata could hug you? This is the next best thing, a comfy flannel shirt to keep you warm - and yet you'll be cool at the same time. Flannel is making a comeback because it's hard wearing, comfortable and versatile. It's also a fantastic gift for all the special people in your life. They don't even need to own a Miata. 

We checked with our resident Canadian, and he approves.

It's not just a thin printed fabric, either. This is a 5.9 oz cotton/poly blend for a substantial and durable feel. It's a proper flannel shirt, with a double layer back yoke, two pockets and rollup sleeve vents. The FM logo is embroidered above the left pocket so it'll continue to look good as long as the shirt does. The grey on black keeps it restrained enough to double as formal wear. Well, if you go to the same formal events we do anyhow.

This shirt is available to order until November 15, then we'll close the books and produce the shirts. They'll ship out in early December - yes, in time for Christmas. We will never make this same shirt again.

Free shipping inside the US. $7.50 flat rate to Canada, $15 per shipment outside Canada or the US. These will ship by USPS (no matter what) and will ship separately from the rest of your order.

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