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SmartTOP PRHT roof controller

SmartTOP PRHT roof controller

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The PRHT top is great, but the functionality could be better. Of course, what works for one person may not be great for the next, so ideally it could be customized to what each person wants. Fortunately, the SmartTOP solves those problems and more: 

One-touch top - raise or lower your top with a single button push, no more holding the button down until it's done. 

Raise or lower the top while driving - no more having to stand still, it can now be operated at up to 37mph (60 kph). 

Reverse override - move the top while in reverse. 

Invisible mode - turn the module off with an easy key sequence. 

Programmable - plug your laptop (Mac or PC) in via USB, and control what options you want active and what values you'd like - e.g., you can change the speed limit for top operation to 15mph. The module can also be updated with this same method. You can also program it via your car's stock buttons, with no laptop. 

Easy install - plug and play, and fully reversible. No cutting of any wires. Please note that only the one-touch top and warning (not latched) beep come pre-set. Setting everything is easy but it does require either a laptop or specific button pushes in the car (refer to the manual). 

Please note that this will not change the functionality of the power windows, you'll still need to manually raise them after putting the top up. 

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