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Carbon Miata R-pkg (RS) style NA front lip

Carbon Miata R-pkg (RS) style NA front lip

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Some Miatas came with a subtle front lip from the factory - we call it the R-package (or RS) lip. Since the factory parts are no longer available, we have this option. Straight from Carbon Miata, here's your chance to be part of the cool kid's group. It's low-profile, but adds a bit of visual aggression, keeps a bit of air out from underneath the car, and adds brake duct inlets. It's made from high quality polyurethane, so it will simply deform and spring back into shape if you bottom out - no cracking fiberglass here. Easy install, fits factory NA bumpers only. 

Be aware that this might not appear to be a perfect fit when you first hold it up to the car. If you leave it out in the sun on a warm day for a few hours (so it becomes more pliable), and use a bunch of clamps to hold it in place, it should fit fine. 

It's also a perfect fit for our R-pkg brake duct inlet kits, below.

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