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ND FM complete transmission cooler kit

ND FM complete transmission cooler kit

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Track tested for 15 hours by Road & Track!

Our testing shows that ND transmission temperatures can reach over 300F on track - and due to a lack of airflow, they don't cool down for hours. This means a high likelihood of transmission damage when you're running on the track. Mazda knows this, it's why the MX-5 Global Cup Cars are required to run a high-dollar trans cooler.

Their design doesn't work on cars with a muffler, however. It also requires a fan to function. The Flyin' Miata engineers decided that these were both problems, so we came up with a solution that mounts the cooler in the nose instead. No fan means lighter weight and fewer parts to fail under hard use.

Does it work? In our testing, we saw temperatures just over 200F even when lapping Laguna Seca for hour after hour. Yes, that's nearly a 100 degree drop in transmission fluid temperatures.

The fluid is circulated by a dedicated pump with thermostatic control, so your fluid is maintained at the ideal temperature regardless of what you're doing. No modification is required to the transmission or the car for installation. The hoses are tucked up out of the way to avoid damage.

Compatible with the BBR turbo. If you have an Edelbrock supercharger, you will need a heat exchanger relocation kit to move the supercharger radiator over a bit.