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Moroso aluminum coolant overflow tank for ND

Moroso aluminum coolant overflow tank for ND

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We know you're proud of your engine bay. It's a little embarassing to see how much plastic is on display. Well, now you can change out one of the most obvious chunks with this sexy aluminum unit. It's shiny but not polished - something that could be sorted out with a bit of work.

We could come up with technical reasons why you want it - it'll survive far longer than the stock plastic tank will, for example - but really, you already know why you want it. Installation takes mere seconds. There's even a sight tube on the side so you can check fluid level easily.

Developed by Moroso with the assistance of Flyin' Miata. The sight tube is exclusive to FM. Compatible with both the BBR turbo system and the Edelbrock supercharger. 1 lb 12 oz.