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FM big fuel kit (NB)

FM big fuel kit (NB)

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Are you trying to fuel a car that makes 400hp or needs the higher fuel volumes required by E85 fuel? We have what you need. Developed for our high-power turbos and V8 cars, this is a full kit with everything except injectors. Some of the components of the kit are optional in case you already have them, but all the components are required to get the full benefit of the kit. Please note that this completion kit requires our fuel rail.

This kit contains:

  • Fuel pump (optional)
  • Fuel rail (optional)
  • Completion kit (required)

The fuel pump is a 300 liter/hour DeatschWerks unit.

The fuel rail is FM's own high flow dual feed unit. All the lines are braided stainless steel with AN fittings for a secure connection and easy serviceability. All parts are completely compatible with E85 fuel although it does not include the sensor and ECU required to run E85 safely.

The completion kit is everything else you need to, well, complete the fuel system. This includes the fuel filter, adjustable pressure regulator, as well as the lines to get from the fuel pump up to the fuel rail. The high-flow filter can be disassembled and cleaned for easy service. A -6 (3/8") line allows for lots of volume to the engine - that's about 43% bigger than stock. An adjustable AEM fuel pressure regulator mounted on a custom bracket lets you run either fixed or manifold-referenced pressure. The fuel pressure regulator is mounted in the same location as the stock fuel filter so it's protected and you only have one large line running up to the engine bay.

If you have a car with a swapped engine and/or head, check to make sure you're looking at the correct version or give us a call. This version is for NB Miatas.

Since this kit can only be used with a standalone ECU, which is not emissions (and therefore street) legal in the US, this kit cannot be installed on a car driven on the street. It won't function properly on an otherwise emissions-legal vehicle. Standalone ECUs are illegal for all street-driven cars in the US, regardless of whether they are subjected to regular emissions tests or not.