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Flyin' Miata tow hook - ND front, NC front or rear

Flyin' Miata tow hook - ND front, NC front or rear

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If you're going to the track, it's always a good plan to have a tow hook. It's required for race cars, but even at a track day you don't want to be That Guy who's stuck in the gravel trap with no means of extrication.

You can use the factory one if you want, but you've only got one of them and it's got an awfully small ring in it. It's also not legal for racing for this reason.

Our Flyin' Miata tow hooks screw into the threaded receiver behind the front bumper, giving a solid mounting point and eliminating any chance of paint damage. The hook itself rotates for best access. They meet SCCA regulations for size and location. They can be installed for the day or left in place permanently if you want everyone to know what you do on weekends.

Sold individually. If you want tow points at each end of your NC, you'll need two. Please note that these don't fit the Fiat 124, they're too short. 

Easy installation with a 19mm wrench.


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

I recently purchased the tow hook, and I must say it's of exceptional quality. The stainless steel construction not only adds durability but also gives it a sleek appearance. As theft is a concern everywhere, I appreciate the decision to keep it in my trunk.

Luke J.
These are awesome!

I had the FM front and rear tow hooks on my ND for years, they came in handy several times as tie down points for trailering and I even managed to use them to pull a friend’s miata out of the snow a few times! I was unfortunate enough to wreck my ND on track a few months back and REALLY ended up needing the tow hooks. Due to the angle the car was trying to be loaded up at and a collapsed steering rack acting as a brake, the extreme lateral forces caused the tow hook to give out. I reached out to FM about the issue and they were so kind and informative and did everything they could to make it right! If you end up needing to use these, be sure everything is tightened down and to try to tow as straight as possible to avoid something like this from happening! I’ve bought a lot of stuff from FM and the customer service will keep me coming back for a long time!

Works well

Crashed my ND on track. Tow truck was easily able to get the car up the tow truck ramp even though the car only had 2 functioning wheels at that point. Worked awesome

Good product, installed for 3 years now

I just did a track day today, and I've done about a dozen since purchasing these tow hooks a couple years back for my 2013 NC club PRHT. They look great. They're sturdy, they fit great. Can't attest to their functionality though, and hope I am never able to, frankly.

Great looks and functionality

Looks great and feels sturdy!