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Exocet upper side panels

Exocet upper side panels

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Originally designed for the monstrous 556 hp XXXocet, these panels caught the attention of Exocet builders immediately. They're designed to match the lower side panels that come with the car, and help hide the pedals and associated ugly bits above the driver's feet. They also provide a small bit of protection from flying debris. The end result is a much cleaner looking car.

NOTE: these panels ONLY fit chassis # 14 and above.

Made of plexiglas that's a very close match to the Exocet panels. Attaches to the chassis tubes with P clamps for a no-weld, completely reversible installation. The ones in the pictures were bolted to welded tabs added to the frame before powdercoating, so the fasteners are in slightly different places.

Sold as a pair.

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