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"The Damn Dam" air dam by 9Lives Racing (1990-1997)

"The Damn Dam" air dam by 9Lives Racing (1990-1997)

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Finally, an affordable air dam that won't look DIY! Nine Lives air dams have been well tested and proven to reduce front end lift, drag and increase downforce! With a 4.5° rake, it makes more downforce than any other air dam on the market. CNC cut so the rivet holes are straight and will not look like a drunk walking home. FIts 1990-1997 Miatas.

Made from .1250" plastic.  Tri-fold Rivets included.  Standard-cut with 4.5° rake (NASA Limit is 5°).

An unsupported air dam will deform in the direct wind without support. Support brackets are not included. 

We recommend supporting it one of two ways:

Attach it to your splitter. The Nine Lives splitter is designed with a slot for the air dam to fit into so that it is fully supported on the bottom. If you don't have a splitter, follow Nine Lives' advice: "Source 3/8 steel rod from ( We have had good luck trimming the rod to length, hammering the ends flat, drilling a 3/16" hole, and using the extra rivets supplied with the dam kit." 

The Nine Lives air dam is intended to be used with Sturdy Boiis splitter mount, Nine Lives splitter and 64" The Big Wang. This combination has been CFD tested to increase overall downforce by 310%. Available individually in case you already have the other kits.