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Front splitter by 9Lives Racing (1990-2005)

Front splitter by 9Lives Racing (1990-2005)

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This Nine Lives splitter paired with a Big Wang can increase your downforce by over 300%! Made from 1/2" birch plywood and then coated with tough and ready  "Rocket Nozzle Coating" for years of dependable service without breaking the bank. 

The process starts with 1/2 plywood, is CNC-cut to shape, with CNC-cut pockets to make it feather-light. The CNC continues to radius the edges for smooth transitions and cuts a pocket for your air dam to slide into. Then they are sent off to be coated by the same company that coats rockets for a major missile defense company. The 2 piece design makes it easier to work with.

CNC cut in America Rocket nozzle coating is UV resilient and weather tight.    Excess material removed for featherweight operation.   Pockets cut for easy splitter ramp upgrades.  Sturdy Boii splitter mount ready  Downforce bump "bubble" included.  Two piece design for easier handling

The Nine Lives splitter is intended to be used with Sturdy Boiis splitter mount, Nine Lives Damn Dam and 64" The Big Wang. This combination has been CFD tested to increase overall downforce by 310%. Available individually in case you already have the other kits.

Once installed, this splitter is going to be chilling 1-3" off the ground so you're probably going to hit stuff. For that, we can't offer a warranty. It's sold as-is and you do take on full responsibility.  That being said, if you end up having an issue please contact us.