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1.6 turbo downpipe lower section (2.5", NA8 cat)

1.6 turbo downpipe lower section (2.5", NA8 cat)

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This special downpipe allows a NA6 car to be fitted with an NA8 catalytic converter. Why? Because the 1.6 cat has a 2" flange on it that forms a big restriction. This hybrid pipe maintains the flange size and location of the NA8 cat so you can use any aftermarket or stock cat and remove that bottleneck. If you really want to go big, you can combine this downpipe with our 3 inch hybrid exhaust system to get as much flow as possible. Exclusive to Flyin` Miata!

CNC bent out of stainless steel with a lifetime warranty, our downpipe will not contact the subframe or the chassis of the car. It's gorgeous, free flowing and robust. Designed to attach to our turbine outlet casting. Two O2 sensor bungs so you can run a wideband.

This downpipe is a great upgrade for any FM turbo. It can be used to replace the lower section of an older Bell-produced cast or fabricated outlet and a Bell manifold, but for the best fit we recommend a new FM manifold and turbine outlet. Despite the adjustability we built into this pipe, it`s not enough to compensate for production variances in the earlier outlets.

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