USPS shipments from our warehouse may be slightly delayed. Details

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Canadian importation information

We know that importation across international borders can be a chore and be expensive. We use FedEx as our primary shipping method, which has easier importation than some of the alternatives. We will also ship via USPS when we can, but size and weight limitations do not allow this for all packages. The Canada/US border is fairly open, but it does remain an international border!

When importing packages into Canada, there will likely be some additional fees due when the package arrives. Some of these can be avoided by contacting FedEx and arranging for pre-payment. Flyin' Miata does not collect these fees, they are part of the importation process. More details from FedEx.

GST/HST/PST will likely apply to your packages. Please note that not all the products we sell are NAFTA eligible. In this case, duties may also be due.