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Canadian importation information

We know that importation across international borders can be a chore and be expensive. We've negotiated special rates with UPS to ease the pain here. We also ship packages to Canada via USPS if possible, but dimensions, weight or value limitations may require us to use UPS.

When importing packages into Canada, there will likely be some additional fees due when the package arrives. Some of these can be avoided by contacting UPS and arranging for pre-payment. Flyin' Miata does not collect these fees, they are part of the importation process.

 Note:  This does not list every possible fee. It also does not include GST/PST/HST.

 Please note that not all the products we sell are NAFTA eligible. In this case, duties may also be due.

Entry Preparation Charges

The entry preparation charges listed below apply to routine customs clearance of up to five items.  If there are more than five different items in the shipment, regardless of the shipping method, additional charges apply.  See UPS website.

UPS Express, Express Saver & Expedited:  $0.00

UPS Standard (special Flyin' Miata rates):

  • $0 to $20 USD = $0.00 USD brokerage fee.
  • $20.01 to $200 USD = $4.00 USD brokerage fee.
  • $200.01 to $1000 USD = $25.75 USD brokerage fee.
  • $1000.01 to $2500 USD = $35.00 USD brokerage fee.
  • $2500.01 USD:  $51.50 USD brokerage fee.

Post Office Express Mail:  $8 CAD per package (to the best of our knowledge).

Post Office Priority Mail:  $5 CAD per package (to the best of our knowledge).

Bond fee (UPS only)

2.7% of amount advanced by UPS.
Minimum fee of $6.00 CAD for UPS Standard.
Minimum fee of $10.00 CAD for UPS Express, Express Saver & Expedited.
Applies when funds are not provided to UPS in advance to pay duties and taxes.

To avoid this fee call UPS and ask about their pre-payment and EFT plans.

COD FEE (UPS only)

$0.00 (special Flyin' Miata prices)
Applies to UPS Express, Express Saver, Expedited & Standard.
Applies when UPS collects brokerage, duties and taxes at time of delivery.