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Engine conversions : V8 conversions

Item Number: 26-04010
Price may vary with options

V8 Roadsters LSx engine installation kit

Finally, a well-engineered kit to put the aluminum-block LSx V8 in a 1990-05 Miata.

The kit includes a new tubular front subframe that`s 10 lbs lighter than stock, frame rail reinforcements with transmission mounts, lightweight engine plates with performance mounts, grade 8 fasteners and even a tube of Loctite.

The subframe uses the NB pickup points for best suspension geometry and saves 10 lbs over the stock piece. It`s available with mounts for either the 1990-97 or 1999-05 steering rack. The 1990-97 version is also available in RHD. We can arrange for a RHD version for a 1999-05 steering rack if you can supply a stock subframe to use as a model.

To get a full idea of the options available, please visit the V8 configurator. (We`ve been busy getting our new site ready so the prices listed in the configurator are outdated. Please contact us for current prices.)

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