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Flyin' Miata
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Palisade, CO 81526

Chassis : Brakes

Item Number: 14-16205
Price may vary with options

Flyin` Miata Stage 1 four-wheel big brake kit

See customer reviews of this product.

Exclusive to Flyin` Miata! Now includes an adjustable proportioning valve and a $600+ price break.

We`ve been dealing with big Miata brakes longer than anyone. Over the years, we`ve designed and developed our own systems. However, Wilwood recently introduced a front-only big brake kit that was well done and very affordable. So our new four-wheel big brake kit uses that as a base, which allows us to supply a kit of the same quality but at a much lower price than before.

However, we weren`t satisfied with the basic Wilwood kit. We took out the original Dynalite calipers and substituted the next generation of calipers: the Dynapro. The Dynapro has a much stiffer body, leading to improved pedal feel and control. The piston size was chosen to be compatible with the Miata`s stock hydraulic system. As an added bonus, pad changes are almost ridiculously easy. There`s no reason to run a compromise brake pad, just pop in your track pads when you put on your track wheels. The standard pad with the kit is a street and autocross pad, but we can supply race pads if desired.

The calipers are mounted to a custom bracket that positions them accurately over the rotor. They`re also as light as possible, without extra material. We also supply custom stainless lines for minimal pressure loss.

The calipers are wrapped around a 2-piece rotor specifically designed for this application. Again, we weren`t satisfied with the standard rotor in the Wilwood kits, so we changed it. This rotor is unique to Flyin` Miata`s kits, and is a slotted rotor made of Wilwood`s proprietary Spec 37 compound. This metal gives very long life as well as dimensional stability under rapid temperature changes. It`s the best rotor we could find, so we made it standard on all our kits.

In the rear, we use custom bracket of our own design to space the stock rear calipers outboard. They`re designed to mount to the same surface as the stock caliper, not to an inconsistent surface like some others we`ve seen. 2001-05 cars with the larger "sport" brakes use the stock brackets. The rear rotors are the same slotted one-piece parts used on those Sport brakes. Again, stainless brake lines are included as are high-performance brake pads and a litre of brake fluid.

To ensure that you`re using these brakes to their fullest potential, we also include an adjustable brake proportioning valve. This will let you dial in the perfect balance regardless of your car`s setup. Only Flyin` Miata offers this option. It`s not included for 2001-05 Sport cars with ABS, as they use electronic brake proportioning.

The kit includes:
Wilwood Dynapro 4-piston calipers and Wilwood BP-10 pads front
Porterfield R4-S rear brake pads
two-piece 11" slotted Spec-37 front rotors
one-piece 11" slotted rear rotors
stainless braided lines front and rear
FM proportioning valve kit (not on 2001-05 ABS kits)
ATE DOT4 brake fluid

Will they fit your wheels? Probably, if your wheels are 15" or larger, but you can make sure with our fitment template.

The Spec 37 slotted front rotor included with the kit.

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